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Why You Need a Liposuction Compression Garment

Recovery and the role of your liposuction compression garment are aspects that you need to look into before deciding on liposuction. You will be able to make a more informed decision once you know what the recovery period will be like.

After Surgery

Liposuction is considered a cosmetic type of surgery and is minimally invasive. This does not mean though that there will be no normal surgical effects that you need to recover from. Immediately after surgery you may be sent home to rest. In the morning you will wake up with the liposuctioned area feeling a little sore. You will also experience fluid drainage for two to three days. Bruising and a little pain may also be part of your recovery experience. Nonetheless you will be advised to walk around and even perform light tasks. You may return to a sedentary office job after 3 days or so. Your complete recovery though may take up to several more weeks.


Aside from the bruising and the pain, clients also normally experience swelling. This is where a liposuction compression garment is supposed to be used for. Swelling is the natural reaction of the body as it attempts to bounce back from the trauma and injury due to surgery. Just like when you fall or get a deep cut, the tissues, blood vessels, lymph channels, connective tissues and capillaries in the liposuctioned area all suffer from damage. These tiny parts of your body will al work to repair themselves and as a result fluids will jam coming to and going from the area concerned. This and the body’s inflammation signals account for the swelling.

Liposuction Compression Garment

It is a must for you to wear the prescribed liposuction compression garment to reduce the swelling. Your liposuction compression garment is made of an elastic material that will press on the swollen area to help the transport of blood and fluids. A liposuction compression garment can also assist in tissue molding and firming thereby limiting the chance of sagging skin after recovery. Most clients also feel more comfortable wearing a liposuction compression garment over the traumatized area. You may have to wear yours for two weeks or more.


Extreme swelling may sometimes be the result of non compliance with the rule of wearing a liposuction compression garment. Sometimes though there is more than just severe swelling to worry about. The swell may actually be a sign of internal complications like an infection resulting from a hematoma or a seroma. There is also a possibility that collections of fluid could form clots that could reach the heart or lungs. That is why wearing a liposuction compression garment cannot be fully stressed. See your doctor immediately if you feel that the swelling has become severe or unusual.

Other Recovery Details

Aside from wearing your liposuction compression garment there are also a couple of other recovery details that you need to remember. Common sense would tell you that you have to keep away from strenuous work, exercise and activities for a couple of weeks. You should also refrain from swimming either in pools or at the beach to prevent infection. Resist the desire to put an ice or hot pack on the swelling area since a change in temperature could disrupt the natural healing process of your body.

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