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Getting Beach Beautiful Legs with Thigh Liposuction

Thigh liposuction may be the only answer for you if you want to strut it out again in shorts or in a bikini at the beach. You should first find out though if thigh liposuction is for you.

Fat on Thighs

There may be a lot of reasons for people to develop fat on the inner and outer thighs. Eating too much, having a sedentary lifestyle and old age may contribute to the development of thigh fat. A lot of women however may eventually develop a kind of thigh fat known as cellulite because of a genetic predisposition to it. Even athletes and very thin women may therefore still end up with cellulite deposits. Although men may also develop thigh fat, cellulite is more common among women because of the bee hive structure of female skin connective tissues.

You would know if you have cellulite if you pinch a bit of your skin. Skin dimpling and an orange peel look would mean that you have cellulite. In some women, the only answer would be to undergo thigh liposuction. This is because cellulite is resistant to both diet and exercise. The fat blockage that may result in poor blood circulation may prevent the proper burning and flushing out of cellulite.

Thigh Liposuction

Your doctor should be especially careful in assessing your fitness for thigh liposuction. As with all other types of liposuction, you need to be emotionally stable and physically fit with no serious medical conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Your doctor however should also additionally consider your age. Thigh liposuction may only be especially effective for people who are young. This is because younger people have more elastic skin. Thigh liposuction may not have very good effects for older people. In some cases it may even lead to a worse cellulite dimpling condition.

Thigh liposuction is also essentially a body toning method and should not be used for weight loss regardless of age. The best candidates for thigh liposuction are those who are close to their ideal weights.


You may perform light work a day or two after surgery and may even return to a sedentary office job after a few days. Heavy work though should be avoided up to six weeks. The results of thigh liposuction are often seen only after a few months.

Right after surgery, your legs may feel sore and stiff and you may experience a general feeling of tiredness. You will also observe the usual fluid drainage, numbness, swelling, pain and perhaps some bleeding. You may have to wear a compression garment for a few weeks to assist in toning and recovery.


A good doctor may be able to prevent and limit complications linked to this kind of liposuction. You should remember though that it is crucial to have realistic expectations regardless of your fitness for the procedure. This form of liposuction may not always give you fantastic looking thighs. A few fat deposits may be left here and there.

As mentioned, some people simply do not come out with the best results in this procedure. More dimpling, lumpiness and sagging may result. Some people may also have the misfortune of getting an infection because of the procedure.

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